This section describes basic functionalities of user interface.

Processes tab


  • list of editable and custom non-editable processes and subprocesses
  • deploy/stop process
  • search by process id or category
  • check process status - if it's running on Flink cluster there will be green status indicator, if process crashed there will be red status indicator

Process visualization

Left panel

  • toolbox - creator panel with all nodes available for process category. Just drag & drop it to create process
  • history - every version of process is persisted
  • comments
  • attachments

User right panel buttons

  • business view - enable to view simpler version of process without variable and enricher nodes


  • deploy - deploy process to Flink cluster
  • stop - stop Flink's process
  • metrics - see metrics in Grafana


  • save - save process, add optional comment with change summary
  • migrate - migrate process between environments
  • compare - compare two version of processes - see what nodes were added/deleted or see how node changed
  • import - import process from json file
  • export - export process to json file
  • exportPDF - export process graph to PDF with all process details
  • zoomIn/zoomOut


  • undo/redo - undo/redo graph process actions
  • align - automatically center process
  • properties - edit global process properties
  • duplicate - duplicate node
  • delete - delete node


  • from file - test process from file input
  • hide - hide test results
  • generate - fetch test data from process source and save to file
  • counts - see how many events went through each node during given time period


  • start - start grouping and mark nodes to group
  • finish - finish grouping
  • cancel
  • ungroup

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